Training & Development


Danny Green

“We began training when he was unemployed and cut by the Spurs twice. He made a commitment to master the art of Shooting the basketball because that would be the premium that would separate him from others, and it has.”


Raymond Felton

“Dedicated hard worker that’s won everywhere he’s been. A gym rat that’s one of the toughest competitors I’ve been around.”


PJ Tucker

“Blue Collar Work ethic that’s fearless between the lines. Has transformed his game and taken and simply outworked anyone that he’s come across.”


John Wall

“I’ve known John since he was 8 years old. His commitment to improve his weaknesses despite his physical gifts has always impressed me. I always said that by the time he’s 27, he will be the top point guard in the world.”


Ty Lawson

“Ty has worked extremely hard to master his skill set each summer. Once known as a “Jet”, his skill set is as dangerous as his physical gifts which makes him impossible to contain.”


Harrison Barnes

“A sponge every time he steps on the floor. His willingness to learn has propelled him amongst the game’s elite Wings.”


Marvin Williams

“Marvin has worked incredibly hard every off season to polish his skill set. In high school, he was a post player and he’s been forced to make the transition to the perimeter in the NBA which is the most difficult to make. Humble spirit that embraces the challenge of getting better.”


Steph Curry

“Steph has utilized his skill set and abilities as well as anyone that’s ever played the game outside of Larry Bird and Barkley. He’s a pure perfectionist that has made it cool for kids to want to shoot the ball again. He continues to amaze me every time I watch him play.”


Chris Paul

“Don’t be fooled by the boyish looks and charm. Chris is an Assassin, that will do whatever it takes to WIN!”